Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Idiot Kris Kobach Gives Away Trump's Secret Deportation Plans At Doorway Photo-Op!

Yesterday Kris Kobach, the virulently anti-immigrant secretary of state of Kansas, visited Donald Trump at his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey.

The meeting was just supposed to be another in a seemingly endless conga line of people hoping to weasel a cabinet position with the newly minted president-elect.

But as the two struck a pose for photogs outside Trump’s classy and elegant door Kobach, unbeknownst to either him or Trump was revealing parts of the new deportation plans the Trump team had been kicking around.

Here is a close up of the papers Kobach has in his hands...

Click to enlarge!

Once the media figured out what the dim-wit Kobach has done they enlarged the photo and were able to make out the first three bullet points...

#1) Reintroduce NSEERS

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First on the agenda would be to “reintroduce the NSEERS screening and tracking system" (National Security Entry-Exit Registration System) that was in place from 2002-2005. NSEERS was a system put in place by the Bush administration that made visitors and some United States residents who came from certain countries register with the federal government. Those countries, with the exception of North Korea, were majority Muslim. NSEERS, which per the ACLU was “ineffective and discriminatory,” was phased out by the Obama administration. But what the hell let's bring it back for nostalgia's sake!

#2) Extreeeeeme Vetting

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Second is the addition of "extreme vetting for high-risk aliens,” which would mean asking questions “regarding support for Sharia law, jihad, equality of men and women, the United States Constitution.” Surely, the terrorists will never make it past that extreme check point.

#3) No More Refugees

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Next on the list is a plan to "Reduce intake of Syrian refugees to zero” . Seriously, they're just a bunch of women and children trying to escape the horror of terrorist groups who have made their homelands a living hell. So forget that.

Some other stuff that can kinda be made out.

There appears to be a call for wall construction along 1,989 miles of the Mexican-American border.

And way at the bottom underneath his sleeve, the term “voter rolls” is bolded and underlined, which would mean that obsession with non-existent voter fraud would be making its way into the White House.

All I can say is thank heavens it wasn't Trump's secret plan to get rid of ISIS. We don't want to tip them off about what, when, where and how Trump plans to get rid of them so shhhhhhush! and invest in a briefcase for fuck's sake!

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