Tuesday, November 8, 2016

NC GOP Brags About It's Voter Suppression Tactics Lowering It's "African-American" Early Voter Turnout And Raising It's "Caucasian Voters"

In a press release issued on Monday, the North Carolina GOP bragged that "African-American" early voter turnout was down across the state, while touting a surge in “Caucasian voters”!

Chairman Robin Hayes said in the press release...

The media myth of 'Clinton's superior Get Out The Vote' operation has not panned out when compared to 2012. I am encouraged by the excitement and work ethic of our volunteers and the numbers don't lie—the Republican ground game is showing that motivated statewide volunteers and extensive ground game are better indicators of electoral success than the number of candidate-specific offices one has. Further, the connected weaknesses of Hillary Clinton, Deborah Ross, and Roy Cooper when combined with the clear Democrat voter apathy, shows the once dynamic Obama Coalition crumbling and tired.

The statement was followed by this text...

In case anyone was wondering if this was all some strange coincidence wonder no more as Reuters obtained emails via a public relations request that showed the NC GOP officials had...

lobbied members of at least 17 county election boards to keep early-voting sites open for shorter hours on weekends and in evenings – times that usually see disproportionately high turnout by Democratic voters.

* Here's an update: It worked.

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