Friday, November 25, 2016

Poll: Obama's Approval Rating Hits It's Highest Mark In Seven Years!

According to a CNN/ORC national poll released President Barack Obama’s approval rating is at a seven-year high.

President Obama is enjoying an approval rating of 57 percent, his highest mark since sporting a 58 percent approval in September 2009.

The President's windfall probably comes as a byproduct of American's enduring a brutal and divisive election between two candidates with historically high disapproval ratings. In other words he's looking real good to Americans these days.

In addition the president is also enjoying a favorability rating of almost 60 percent, his highest since October 2009.

To put it in even starker contrast President Obama has a net favorability of +21 percentage points (59 percent favorable, 38 percent unfavorable), which far outpacing the countries views of the Democratic (-15 percentage points) and Republican (-11 percentage points) parties.

Then there is incoming President-elect Donald Trump's numbers...

• 54 percent of respondents still don’t believe he cares about people like them
• 49 percent on whether they believe he can bring about the change America needs
• 57 percent said he isn’t honest and trustworthy
• 66 percent don’t see him as an admirable person
• 54 percent think he will divide the country rather than of unite it

Believe it or not these numbers are marked improvements from his pre-election polls only a few weeks ago. Suffice it to say that if this is Trump's honeymoon post election bounce he is in for a rough ride once he lands in the Oval Office.

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