Thursday, November 3, 2016

Trump Advisor Calls Hillary Clinton A "Cunt" Then Lies About Being Hacked (TWEET)

Y'know how Donald Trump always brags that "I’m going to surround myself only with the best and most serious people".


Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, who was also serves as co-chairman of Donald Trump’s agriculture advisory team, got himself into a little hot water the other day when he sent out a tweet in which he referred to Hillary Clinton as a “cunt”.

Miller used the insult while bragging about poll results that showed that Donald Trump was ahead of Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania...

TRUMP 44, CUNT 43, Go Trump Go!

Here is the tweet...

Miller’s campaign quickly deleted the lewd tweet as he is running for reelection just like his buddy Trump.

Quickly searching for an excuse Miller’s office told the all who would listen that the commissioner’s account had been hacked, and it couldn't be his any of his staff because everyone with access to his account was in the same room with Miller when the message was posted.

Mark Loeffler, Miller’s communications director, told a local newspaper...

We’re trying to get to the bottom of it. We think we’ve been hacked. No one from the Sid Miller organization would ever put anything like that on Twitter,

Another Miller spokesman, Todd Smith, also claimed that a hacker was to blame for the message.

I can tell you with all assurance, 100 percent, that Commissioner Miller is not involved in sending any tweet that would have used the filthy language that was included in that. Someone obviously went on our account and got into it.

When it became apparent that the "hacking" defense wasn't going to fly Miller’s staff later released a statement saying the post was shared by mistake...

Oh yeah, then there's this: Miller has a history of making provocative and controversial statements. Earlier this year, he shared a fake Facebook photo of President Obama holding a Che Guevara T-shirt and shared a post suggesting that an atomic bomb should take out the “Muslim world.”.

It's not hard to see why Sid and Donald get along so well.

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