Sunday, November 6, 2016

Trump Rushed Off Stage Because Of A Man With A Cardboard Sign But His Campaign Clams He Avoided An... ASSASSIN!

At a rally in Reno, Nevada on Saturday night, Donald Trump was regaling his audience with various items that he reads from his teleprompter. Then IT happened!

peering down from the stage while he shielding his eyes from the bright lights Trump exclaimed...

Oh, we have one of those guys from the Hillary Clinton campaign. How much are you being paid, $1,500? All right, take him out.

For several seconds after Donald's command his bodyguards scuffled with an unidentified man while he was quickly escorted off the stage by Secret Service.

The disturbance quickly died down and the Secret Service escorted the protestor from the building.

Here is the scene...

Soon, a surrogate came back onstage and assured everyone Trump would be back and in a few minutes and sure enough the candidate came back onstage and continued with his speech not before saying...

Nobody said it was going to be easy for us but we will never be stopped,

The man who The Secret Service apprehended was interviewed and quickly released.

The man the Secret Service talked to was identified as Austyn Crites who told the media that he is a Republican voting for the GOP this year, but not Trump. Crites said held a sign that said “Republicans against Trump.” He was terrified by the crowd’s reaction to him...

I was in survival mode. I knew I could die at that moment." He added that "Someone grabbed his testicles and had his neck was in a chokehold.

But according to his social media director Dan Scavino Trump did not scurry off the stage due to a middle aged, white, Republican with a cardboard sign. NO! He fled from an... ASSASSIN!

Trump's bravery was extolled at his next rally in Denver when while being introduced the voice over the speakers stated...

Tonight I think the hate from the media caused an attempt of murder against him in Nevada!” 

Watch it here...

By the way it's pronounced "Ne-VAH-dah"!!!

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