Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Trump Voters Believe Whites Face More Discrimination Than Any Other Group (CHART)

Most people in this country believe that black, Latino and Muslim Americans face “a lot of discrimination,” but if you were one of the voters who cast your ballot for Donald Trump you know better according to a new HuffPost/YouGov survey.

Overall, 64 percent of Americans believe that Muslim Americans face a lot of discrimination, 50 percent say that black Americans face a lot of discrimination, while 44 percent say Latino Americansface a lot of discrimination, 25 percent think Jewish Americans and 24 percent think white Americans.

On the flip side of reality Trump voters are more likely to believe that the whites face the most discrimination out of all the groups. 45 percent of them think white people in the America face a lot of discrimination, with 40 percent saying the same about Muslims, 22 percent about black Americans and just 19 percent say the same of Jews and Latinos.

Here is the chart...

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Clinton supporters held a distinctly different view from Trump voters in that they were more likely to see Latino, black and Muslim Americans as being discriminated against, with only 10 percent believing that white people in America face a lot of discrimination.

The statistics are frightening because it bears out the belief that Trump voters live in a fact free hate bubble.

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