Wednesday, December 7, 2016

After Trump Tweet Sends Boeing Stock Plummeting Spokesman Forced To Admit Donald "Sold All His Stock In June"

After Donald Trump almost cost aircraft maker Boeing a billion dollars yesterday, when he tweeted that he would cancel the companies Air Force One government contract, questions about Trump's stock holdings became a topic of discussion.

When pressed on conference call with reporters whether Mr. Trump had investments in Boeing Trump spokesman Jason Miller said that Donald Trump sold all his stock back in June.

Miller then claimed "The president-elect sold all of his stock back in June" showing that Trump has begun to address concerns about complicated entanglements between his business and new government life...

Miller did not address the fact that at the time he claimed Trump sold "all his stock" it was a full half a year before he won the presidency and wasn't being pushed on his business "entanglements" as of yet.

As for Miller's claim about owning any Boeing stock according to a filing to the U.S. Office of Government Ethics in May Trump reported having two brokerage accounts containing 150 stock and bond investments which included, Apple, Visa and, of course, Boeing. The value of Trump's ownership in Boeing was placed at between $50,001 and $100,000 according to disclosures during his campaign.

Back in August Trump made a similar claim when asked on Fox Business Network if he owned any stock...

"I did, and I got out. I did invest and I got out, and it was actually very good timing. But I've never been a big investor in the stock market,"

If true and Donald did sell his holdings in June he missed out on a 2000 point upswing in the market...

So it was actually NOT very good timing.

And don't forget in August of 2015 candidate Donald Trump warned of a massive economic collapse in 2016 and told supporters to get out of the stock market and sell their 401K's.

Since we've had nothing but a bull market for the last several months while President Obama has still been in office it makes you wonder if last August Trump knew that he was going win the election and destroy our economy.

Hey we just invented our own conspiracy theory!

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