Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Donald Trump Says Something Stupid #61: Trump "Thanks" Himself For A Consumer Confidence Bump That Rose Under President Obama (TWEET & CHART)

Donald Trump "Thanks Donald" Trump in a new Donald Trump tweet
When President Obama took office the consumer confidence index, a key gauge of consumer's outlook on the economy, sat at roughly 25. Over the eight-years he has lead this countries economy the index has spiked to 109 and has now hit 113.

Here's a Bloomberg chart demonstrating the trend...

Donald Trump, not understanding that he hasn't even been inaugurated yet, felt it was his place not only to take credit for the index's rise but thank himself (in the third person) for the surge.

To do so Trump, once again, took to Twitter...

So, up to 8 more years of this crap. Thanks Donald.

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  1. To get ready for the Trump "Era," we took all of our money out of the stock market while it is still close to its high, paid off all debt, reduced our spending and are living off of half of our income, sold our last rental house at a good profit, and invested in gold/silver. We also got some more food and water for our basement stores. Our daughter has sold her house at a good profit in order to be able to afford her new baby, and now dwells in a condo she owns outright which is very small, and has a much lower cost of living. She paid off all of her debts, except for one student loan which is amortized over 10 years at a very low interest rate, and saves 1/3 of her income. Her housing costs have gone from over $ 1100 per month ( including mortgage, taxes,upkeep, and utilities for her house ) to $ 280 per month on her small condo ( $ 190 per month condo fee which includes all utilities but electricity, $ 45 per month electricity bill, and about $ 40 per month or less in property tax on the condo ). It's even located in a good school district.

    No matter what happens with the President Chump era, we have positioned ourselves to ride out negative economic times to the best of our ability, and will have plenty of cash on hand to invest in real estate and/or stocks at much reduced rates when those times roll around.