Tuesday, December 20, 2016

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Truck Attack On German Christmas Market (PICTURES)

Yesterday at least 12 people were killed and close to 50 were injured when a man plowed a stolen truck through a large crowd gathered at a popular Christmas market in Berlin.

When the attack was over the Berlin police reported that there was a deceased man in the passenger side of the vehicle and that a suspect near the scene had been detained.

After holding the suspect overnight though German authorities released the man citing a lack of evidence. As for the deceased man in the cab of the vehicle he was determined to have been the owner of the truck.

Meanwhile the manhunt for the actual assailant has intensified as ISIS has claimed today that it inspired the attack.

The ISIS-affiliated Amaq news agency released a statement saying Monday night's attack was carried out by "a soldier of the Islamic State" in response to calls by the group's leadership to target citizens of international coalition countries. This however should not be taken to mean the group is claiming it directed this attack as investigators have not uncovered any links to ISIS."

German authorities are investigating the attack as an act of terror as Chancellor Angela Merkel told journalists that we must "assume this is a terrorist attack."

Peter Frank, general prosecutor at Germany's Federal Court of Justice, told journalists that there may be more than one suspect at large, armed and dangerous.

Here are images from yesterdays attack...

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