Saturday, December 17, 2016

The FBI And The CIA Now Agree That Russians Hacked To Help Trump... Fox News Relents And Accepts Reality!

The FBI is now in agreement with the CIA’s assessment that Russian hackers sought to shift the US elections in favor of Donald Trump when they hacked the DNC and specific member's of Hillary Clinton's staff and stole sensitive and embarrassing communications.

The FBI's support of the CIA's assessment came after the bureau's Director, James Comey and National Intelligence Director James Clapper had meetings with CIA Director John Brennan earlier this week and apparently now concur on the agency's findings.

This is an about face on the FBI's original position that indicated that the CIA’s assessment may indeed be  accurate but lacked the specific evidence necessary for their agency to reach a similar conclusion.

A conclusion that, until Friday, has been flatly rejected by Trump and his official television station Fox News..

In a surprising twist the senior intelligence reporter at Fox News finally confirmed, after weeks of the networks silence on the matter, the aforementioned reports of Russia's hacking and the intended effect it was to have.

This magical moment of reality based reporting came from Fox’s Catherine Herridge when she announced...

"Fox News has independently confirmed that Russian-backed cyber militias were targeting US systems and influential US persons in the summer of 2015, and the operation evolved into an effort to interfere in the US election. These operations were sanctioned by the highest levels of the Russian government."

Okay, there was no mention of the inteded tilting of the election in their man Trump's favor but we'll take what we can get.

And as we know Donald Trump (sort of) accepted the reality when he begrudgingly admitted in a backhanded tweet yesterday that there were (Russian) cyberattacks...

Welcome to the party guys.

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