Saturday, December 17, 2016

Donald Trump Says Something Stupid # 60: Now Says Russian Cyber-Attack, That He Has Denied For Weeks, Was A Good Thing! (TWEET)

Putin's puppet

The president-elect has now suggested the Kremlin did our country a favor by meddling in our elections.

After spending weeks repeatedly downplaying, dismissing and denying that Russia played a role in cyberattacks on the Democratic National Committee, Donald Trump is now suggesting that whoever hacked top Democratic officials and leaked them online was actually doing Americans a favor.

Trump explained in this tweet that he dropped at six o’clock in the morning...

Just to be abundantly clear the "cyberattack" to which Trump is referring to in the tweet came from Russian state-sponsored hackers employed by Vladimir Putin.

The "debate questions" Trump mentions are in reference to a leaked document that showed that Donna Brazile, the interim chair of the DNC, had shared a primary CNN Town Hall question with Hillary Clinton’s campaign, ahead of a March debate between the Democratic presidential candidate and her then rival Sen. Bernie Sanders.

First of all let's acknowledge the obvious. Donna Brazile giving a probable debate question to Hillary Clinton before a debate is most certainly not  “illegal”.

Second, if Trump believes this massive cyber-espionage campaign in which Russian hackers attempted and invariably succeeded in undermining Americans’ confidence in the democratic electoral system did the US citizenry any favors he's deranged.

The more likely scenario is that he believes his 17 million twitter followers are easily duped thus explaining his grade school level tweet attempt at misdirecting his supporters.

Brazil later tweeted her response to Trump's dim-witted assessment of Russia's cyber-attack...

Trump's acceptance of Russia's interference into our US presidential elections makes him an appeaser and a pawn.

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