Friday, December 2, 2016

Trump Supporters File Last Minute Lawsuits To Stop The Presidential Vote Recounts In 3 States

Supporters of President-elect Donald Trump moved on Friday to halt the Jill Stein requested recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to ensure the results are legitimate.

The Green Party has requested and received the okay for recounts of the presidential votes in three states where voting irregularities had occurred.

One of the lawsuits was brought by Michigan's Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette, who filed his lawsuit today to halt the requested recount in his state where Trump won by a margin of roughly 10,700 votes over Clinton.

Schuette said in a statement that because of an impending federal deadline to finalize results that recounting all of the state’s votes...

threatens to silence all Michigan votes for president

Yet another lawsuit was brought In Wisconsin, where the president-elect won with a margin of roughly 22,000 votes, by the Trump-supporting political action committee Great America PAC. The lawsuit cited the U.S. Supreme Court’s Bush v. Gore decision as precedent. A federal judge, as of today, has rejected the PAC's request for an emergency stay.

Michigan’s recount is expected to begin on Wednesday.

A third lawsuit was filed in Pennsylvania, where Trump won with a margin of about 49,500 votes. The court has scheduled a hearing for Monday morning in Harrisburg but has alerted lawyers for both sides to be prepared to talk about whether enough evidence of wrongdoing exists to keep the case going.

In response to the lawsuits that threaten to shut down the recounts, Stein said in a statement on Friday....

We won’t stand down as Donald Trump and his allies seek to frivolously obstruct the legal processes set up to ensure the accuracy, security and fairness of our elections,

Is it just me or does the Trump camp seem a little jittery over these recounts.

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