Saturday, January 28, 2017

BREAKING NEWS!: New York Court Grants National Stay Against Trump's Muslim Ban!

A federal court in New York tonight granted an emergency stay on Trump's executive order that bans immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries for two Iraqi men who had valid visas to enter the United States but were detained today when they arrived in the US.

The emergency ruling, issued by Judge Ann Marie Donnelly has granted an emergency national stay, freezing Trumps' the executive order.

The stay proclaims a stay on those who are being detained at national airports cannot be sent back to their country of origin, the government must release a list of all those detained and confirmation of when the detainees will be released.

The stay applies to detainees already in the United States, or those mid-flight, as the White House announced the migrant crackdown.

The suit brought by the ACLU, which was filed on behalf of the two men, contended that the stay applied nationally to all cases.

The ACLU's director of Voting Rights Project Dale Ho 

Dale Ho, ACLU’s director of Voting Rights Project proclaimed that...

"The stay is granted, the stay is national!"

They are calling the first victory in a long line of fights against Donald Trump and his administration.

Despite the celebrations by the ACLU over the swift reversal, the Trump administration will still have the opportunity to sign further executive action to thwart this first blow against his call to ban Muslims nationwide.

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