Saturday, January 21, 2017

Donald Trump Says Something Stupid # 67: Takes Over @POTUS Twitter Account, Uses Cover Photo From Obama's Inauguration (TWEETS)

Today the Trump administration took over @POTUS Twitter account.

Though it's unlikely Donald wrote the message himself he nonetheless posted this as his first official tweet...

The account was immediately mocked as Trump decided to use the background from President Obama's presidential inauguration instead of his own. Who can blame him there were actually people at that one!

I know for sure the irony was lost on him but what I really wonder is if he paid the copywriter fee?

Anyway, the background was then changed to a generic image of the American flag before being swapped again to a photo of Trump looking out of a window.

First Lady Melania Trump also has been given ownership of the @FLOTUS account, but has not yet posted anything.

Perhaps she would like to plagiarize something from First Lady Michelle Obama... Again!

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