Saturday, January 28, 2017

Cowardly Trump Withdraws Proposal To Create Safe Zones In Syria

Yesterday Donald Trump signed executive orders banning Syrian refugees indefinitely and temporarily restricting immigration from unnamed countries.

Today the order has been revised and now excludes the one humane provision, which appeared in an earlier draft, that promised the establishment of safe zones in Syria.

That clause would have instructed the Secretary of Defense to draft a plan within 90 days to create “safe zones to protect vulnerable Syrian populations,” according to the version released on Wednesday.

That clause is now effectively dead.

Trump's decision to strike safe zones from the proposal allows him to avoid questions that such a policy would raise such as increasing American military intervention in Syria and the political and logistical problems regarding it's implementation.

Trump apparently wants no part of the hard choices enacting a safe zone would entail large amounts of resources, military personnel and money to implement.

There is also the tough decision that arises, if the United States pursues a safe zone inside Syria, of whether to do so as part of an agreement with Russia, Iran, Turkey and President Bashar Assad’s government ― all of whom have forces fighting in Syria.

Without an agreement with the Assad regime a safe zone could be a potential target for the ISIS, Russian airstrikes and pro-Assad forces. Defending such a haven would likely require significant security, and potentially create the conditions for the U.S. or other governments’ forces coming into conflict with Russia or Assad.

Defending a safe zone could push the U.S. or other government forces deeper into Syria’s conflict.

Trump wants no part of this as it requires him to make choices that might not be popular with his voters who would view aiding Muslims in any manner as a betrayal of his promises to them.

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