Thursday, January 19, 2017

Donald Trump Says Something Stupid #64: Posts Laughably Fake Picture Of Himself "Writing" Inauguration Speech (TWEET)

Upon viewing this "un-staged" photo you might notice quite a few oddities.

First there is the fact that Trump appeared to be writing with what appears to be a closed Sharpie. Plus who the hell writes a presidential inauguration speech with a fucking Sharpie!

But let's not be sticklers for details.

Second there is the tipping up of the pad of paper for no reason other that to obscure what sure looks like a legal pad devoid of any writing.

Once again let's give Donald the benefit of the doubt.

But then there is the third and most damning give away that this photo is "fake news". Several eagle-eyed interneters quickly sleuthed out that the desk Trump was sitting at in the photo isn't even his own, but instead seems to belong to a hospitality professional who works at Mar-a-Lago in a public hallway shown in this Tweet...

click image for a larger view

Yep. Just get rid of the computer screen and ad an eagle statue and you're busted.

Steven Miller

Finally there is the fact that the Trump team has already reported that the inauguration speech had been written by his senior policy adviser Stephen Miller.

This just furthers the notion that there is absolutely nothing Trump won't lie about.

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