Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Reports Reveal Intel Chiefs Briefed Both Trump And Obama On Russia's Alleged "Golden Shower Blackmail Video". Trump Responds With Unhinged Twitter Meltdown (TWEETS)

It is now being reported that during a special briefing last Friday, leaders of the intelligence community gave Donald Trump a "synopsis" that Russian operatives had allegedly obtained potentially compromising personal and financial information about him.

The report accuses Russia of "cultivating, supporting, and assisting" Trump for "at least five years" and also asserts that Russia has possible blackmail information on the president-elect, including video of Trump with hired Russian "prostitutes" engaging in "golden showers" as well as records of financial misconduct.

Even more damaging than those potential revelations are the are the accusations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Kremlin officials during last year's election.

The unnamed official said that the document was provided along with the a much larger 35-page compilation of documents in which intelligence community assessed that Russia had meddled in the U.S. election in order to help him win.

The separate document presented to the president-elect represented a summary prepared by a former foreign intelligence officer who had worked for the British intelligence agency MI6 who's past work US intelligence officials consider credible.

The officer, the official said, is known to U.S. intelligence, but the contents of the specific contents of the document have not been verified.

After news of the blackmail video broke Donald Trump responded Tuesday evening through an all caps lock Tweet in which he called the report...

Then this morning Trump went on a Twitter rampage invoking "Fake News" "Crooked Opponents" and even "Nazi Germany"......

In a stunning revelation it has come to light that many news organizations have had these documents for months but chose not to publish them because the claims are unsubstantiated. They claim the reason they are coming forward now is because intelligence officials have briefed both Trump and Obama about the allegations already.

The thirty five page dossier of Trump's alleged sexual and financial misdeeds can be read in full HERE.

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