Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trump Names His Inauguration Day A "National Day Of Patriotic Devotion"... This Is Getting Weird Now (DOCUMENT) *Update

Our glorious leader Donald Trump has actually gone and named his Inauguration Day a "National Day of Patriotic Devotion".

It's true!

After Trump's inaugural address on Friday his press secretary, Sean "alternative facts" Spicer, said that naming a national day of patriotism was among the executive actions that Trump took in his first few hours as president.

He even tweeted it in case one would have rightly though this was a joke...

When Monday rolled around the paperwork was filed with the federal government declaring officially that Jan. 20, 2017 — the day of Trump's inauguration —  as the “National Day of Patriotic Devotion.”

The proclamation contains overtly religious language, stating that, “we must maintain faith in our sacred values and heritage” and that there can be “no peace where people do not pray for it.” It denotes the date as “the year of our Lord two thousand seventeen.

Here is the opening section of Donald's decree...

A new national pride stirs the American soul and inspires the American heart. We are one people, united by a common destiny and a shared purpose. 
Freedom is the birthright of all Americans, and to preserve that freedom we must maintain faith in our sacred values and heritage. 
Our Constitution is written on parchment, but it lives in the hearts of the American people. There is no freedom where the people do not believe in it; no law where the people do not follow it; and no peace where the people do not pray for it. 
There are no greater people than the American citizenry, and as long as we believe in ourselves, and our country, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

You can read the full document below. Just click it to enlarge...

Our dear leader has spoken now let it be so.

UPDATE: Just to be clear, it is not the proclamation that's creeped everyone out as for decades presidents have routinely issued these proclamations to coincide with their inaugurations but instead the authoritarian title and the hyper-religious language contained therein.

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