Saturday, January 21, 2017

Watch Trump Make His Press Secretary Go On National TV And Lie About His Inauguration Crowd Size Just To Distract From Today's Massive Women's Protest March (VIDEO)

Tonight, in an obvious attempt to distract from the massive women's protest marches that took place around the globe today against them, the Trump administration held its first press conference.

In a pathetic fit of pique Donald Trump made his press secretary Sean Spicer take to the White House podium to rail against journalists for what he called the “false reporting” about the minuscule crowd that attended Friday’s inauguration.

While official estimates suggest approximately 250,000 people attended, a charged up Spicer claimed that...

no one had numbers...because the National Park Service does not put any out.” 

Spicer then accused the media of trying to “minimize the enormous support” of the new president, and called their reporting “shameful and wrong.

Then it went off the rails.

Spicer then, without hesitation, claimed that the crowd on Friday was...

the largest audience to witness an inauguration. Period!

Let's have a look see shall we...

Poor Sean. Trump's got him reporting "fake news" already and it's only day two.

Then there is the fact that Nielsen ratings data showed that an estimated 31 million Americans watched the Trump inauguration yesterday. That figure is substantially  lower than Barack Obama's first inauguration in 2009, when an estimated 38 million watched, and below the record 41 million that watched Ronald Reagan take his oath of office.

Watch the full video of spittin' mad Sean Spicer doing his thing here...

When Sean was done reaming out the world he left the podium with no mention of today's historic marches, and without taking any questions.

Misdirection complete!

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