Friday, February 3, 2017

4 In 10 Americans Already Support Impeaching Donald Trump, Majority Would Rather Have President Obama Back (POLL)

According to a poll released from the Public Policy Polling (PPP) a whopping forty percent of registered voters have already made up their minds just 12 days into his term and support impeaching Donald Trump.

Less than half of voters, 48 percent, are still opposed to impeaching Trump at this time while another 12 percent remain unsure.

The poll also found that a majority of voters, when asked "who would you rather was President: Barack Obama or Donald Trump?" 52 percent, would prefer former President Obama in his old role rather than Trump; 43 percent prefer Trump, and 5 percent are uncertain.

PPP President Dean Debnam said in a statement...

Usually a newly elected president is at the peak of their popularity and enjoying their honeymoon after taking office. But Donald Trump’s making history once again with a sizable share of voters already wanting to impeach him, and a majority of voters wishing they could have Barack Obama back.

PPP polling found that 49 percent of voters disapprove of Trump’s performance since his inauguration as 47 percent approve.

Overall impressions of Trump remain negative, according to the poll, with 52 percent viewing him unfavorably and 45 percent viewing him favorably.

These numbers are borne out as a number of major protests have punctuated the week and a half  since Trump took the oath of office including the Affordable Care Act repeal and his Muslim ban that denied travelers and refugees from several Muslim-majority countries entry into the US.

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