Saturday, February 11, 2017

BOMBSHELL REPORT: Trump's National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Is Caught Discussing US Sanctions With Russia After The Election

The Washington Post has reported that current and former U.S. officials have revealed that Donald Trump's national security adviser Michael Flynn privately discussed U.S. sanctions against Russia with that country's ambassador to the United States during the month before Trump took office.

This despite Trump officials public assertions that no such conversation ever happened.

The report alleges that Flynn's communications with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, which were interpreted by senior U.S. officials, is seen as an inappropriate and potentially illegal signal to the Kremlin that it could expect a reprieve from sanctions that had been imposed by the Obama administration in late December.

The Post went on to report that all of the officials said ­Flynn's references to the election-related sanctions were explicit. Two said that Flynn urged Russia not to overreact to the penalties being imposed by President Barack Obama, making clear that the two sides would be in position to review the matter after Trump was sworn in.

The imposed sanctions, to punish Russia for its alleged interference in the 2016 election, were expected to induce some form of payback from the Kremlin.

Mysteriously none ever came.

It was Russia's non-response that raised suspicions that Moscow may have been promised a reprieve which triggered the search by U.S. spy agencies for evidence.

That search is what uncovered Flynn's promise to the Russian Ambassador that there would be nothing to fear when Trump took office.

When asked about his conversations with the Russian ambassador on Wednesday Flynn stated that he hadn’t discussed sanctions with Kislyak. Yet on Thursday the backtrack had already begun as a Flynn’s spokesman told the Post..

While he had no recollection of discussing sanctions, he couldn’t be certain that the topic never came up,” 

Flynn's troubles may just be starting as his actions directly violates "The Logan Act"...

"that forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments having a dispute with the U.S. It was intended to prevent the undermining of the government's position."

While flying to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida Trump was asked to offer his thoughts on the potentially damaging issue surrounding his national security adviser he unconvincingly replied...

I don’t know about it. I haven’t seen it. What report is that? I haven’t seen it. I’ll look at it.

So we are faced with two scenarios when it comes to Trump. Either Trump was lying or he is clueless to what is going on around him.

This story is quickly developing and I have a feeling another shoe is about to drop. Stay tuned!

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