Monday, February 13, 2017

Donald Trump Lies About Refugee Surge From The 7 Countries Named In His Muslim Ban

Ever since the judiciary blocked Donald Trump’s Muslim ban he has begun touting a statistic that “72 percent” of refugees are now coming from the seven predominately Muslim nations the ban specifically names.

It is also a Lie.

On Saturday morning he tweeted...

On Sunday morning once again tweeted about the subject but upped the ante to 77 percent...

What Trump conveniently leaves out is that the reason such a high percentage of refugees came from the banned countries is because almost none had come during the week after Trump signed his Muslim ban!

Then when the ban was struck down by the courts the people from these 7 countries were once again free to enter the United States... SO OF COURSE THE NUMBER WENT UP!!!!!!!

Here are the numbers. Trump issues his Muslim ban and that week, only 2 of the 843 refugees admitted came from the seven countries listed.

In the week following the judge’s ruling, approximately 1,000 of the 1,450 refugees who entered came from the seven nations.

This appears to be the basis of Trump’s moronic 72 percent figure.

A State Department official has stated that when the two weeks were taken together and averaged the refugee admissions from the seven countries over the past two weeks are consistent with previous admissions numbers this fiscal year at 44 percent.

The question now is whether Trump is to stupid too math or if he is purposefully mistaking the facts to scare the American people making it seem as though we are overrun with the scary Muslims.

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