Monday, February 27, 2017

Cowardly Trump Tweets He Is Backing Out Of The White House Correspondents Dinner. SAD!

President Donald Trump shot out a tweet on Saturday stating that he will not be attending the annual White House correspondents dinner this year.

Here is Trump's tweet in which no reason is given for his cancelation...

Trump's announcement comes as he has mounted a sustained attack on the media calling news organizations “the enemy of the American people” and excluded several major news outlets, from a press briefing.

It would be a reasoned assumption that Trump is ducking the dinner to avoid a possible repeat of the humiliation he suffered at the hands of then President Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner. It was at that event when the President took revenge on Trump who had for months been engaged in a media blitz pushing his "birther" campaign that the President was not born in the United States.

Here is the video of President Obama absolutely destroying Trump...

It never gets old!

Jeff Mason, White House Correspondents Association president, acknowledged Trump’s announcement said in a statement...

We look forward to shining a spotlight at the dinner on some of the best political journalism of the past year and recognizing the promising students who represent the next generation of our profession,

Trump's cancelation comes after Bloomberg and Vanity Fair announced they would not hold their after dinner party and CNN had been openly contemplating sitting out the dinner.

The last president to not attend the dinner was Ronald Reagan in 1981 who was recovering from being shot in an assassination attempt. Reagan did however phone into the event and even joked about the shooting saying...

"If I could give you just one little bit of advice. When somebody tells you to get in a car quick, do it."

Whether you were a fan of Reagan's politics or not there is no denying he was a class act.

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