Thursday, February 16, 2017

Imbecile Trump Has No Idea What The Difference Is Between A One State Or Two State Solution Concerning Israel And Palestine (VIDEO)

If anyone knows even the bear minimum about Israel, Palestine or middle eastern policy in general they have at least some inkling of what the two state solution and or what the one state solution is.

In the simplest of terms it breaks down like this...

The two-state solution calls for the creation of an independent Palestinian state that exists peacefully alongside Israel. This is the goal that has been embraced by past Democratic and Republican administrations as well as the United Nations and would yield the best chances in ending the hostilities between Israel and the Palestinians.

The one-state solution calls for Israel to annex the West Bank and grant some form of citizenship to Palestinians. This is the hard liner approach that appeals to small factions of both Israelis and Palestinians frustrated by the current stalemate. Most feel this option would do little to end the hostilities though.

Put into these simplest of terms it is not an overwhelming concept to grasp.

That being said today, while standing beside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, it became painfully clear that Donald Trump had no clue regarding either of these two options.

When he was specifically asked about the two-state solution by a reporter Trump gave an answer a flailing toddler would trot out if he were called upon to answer a grade school math equation that had never researched the source material!

Here is the video of Trump's answer and see if you can decipher just where he stands on the subject. Take note of Netanyahu's initial nervous laughter at Trump's opening sentence and then making a joke to get the imbecile off the hook at the end...

It's as if a teacher asked a child whether the answer to 2 + 2 was either 4 or 5 and the child replied "I'll go with whichever one you like best".

If this were a Saturday Night Live skit it would be hilarious. But it isn't.

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