Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Number Of Anti-Muslim Hate Groups In The United States Tripled In 2016 (CHART)

A new report by the Southern Poverty Law Center shows that the number of anti-Muslim hate groups in the U.S. nearly tripled in 2016. The report goes on to show that the explosion on the number of these hate groups is due largely to the rise of Donald Trump and the hatred and fear he has espoused.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Annual Census of Hate Groups shows that there were 34 Anti-Muslim hate groups in the U.S. in 2015 compared to 101 last year. That’s adds up to a 197 percent rise and “by the far the most dramatic change” among extremist groups in the U.S.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has directly connected the rise in anti-Muslim hate to the rise of Donald Trump and his normalization of racism and bigotry and mainstreaming of far-right media which include giving press credentials to white nationalist figures for his events and hiring former Breitbart head Stephen Bannon as White House chief strategist.

Mark Potok, a senior fellow at SPLC, wrote in the report...

Anti-Muslim hate has been expanding rapidly for more than two years now, driven by radical Islamist attacks including the June mass murder of 49 people at an Orlando, Fla., gay nightclub, the unrelenting propaganda of a growing circle of well-paid ideologues, and the incendiary rhetoric of Trump — his threats to ban Muslim immigration, mandate a registry of Muslims in America, and more,

The anti-Muslim groups listed in the report have claimed among other things that Islam is an inherently evil political ideology that uniformly sanctions violence, pedophilia and are trying to replace governments in America and Europe with Islamic theocracies who want to implement Shariah, or Islamic law.

And as expected with the number of anti-Muslim hate groups on the rise the number of anti-Muslim hate crimes has grown as well. There was a 67 percent rise in hate crimes targeting Muslims in 2015, according to the FBI, which hasn’t released its hate crime numbers for 2016.

In addition to anti-Muslim groups, the SPLC also identified groups that were white nationalist, affiliated with the KKK, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBT, and anti-Semitic.

Welcome to Trump's America.

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