Friday, February 17, 2017

Trump Doesn’t Know What The Congressional Black Caucus Is And Apparently Believes All Black People Know One Another! (VIDEO)

It would be impossible to pick the craziest or weirdest or creepiest moment from today's off the rails Trump press conference. That being said it is not hard to pick what was it's most telling moment.

That moment would have been when Donald Trump revealed that he has absolutely no idea what the Congressional Black Caucus, or CBC as it is commonly referred to in political settings, is.

It became embarrassingly clear how uninformed Trump was about the over 45 year old institution when American Urban Radio Network’s April Ryan asked him if he planed on discussing his urban development and inner-city policies with the Congressional Black Caucus. But because Ryan used the group's its acronym, the CBC Trump was baffled.

Once Ryan clarified what the CBC stood for Trump shouted over her entire question peppering her with cries of...

Will you set up the meeting? Do you want to set up the meeting?"


And then Trump doubled down.

He actually asked the African-American reporter if the Congressional Black Caucus were...

"friends of yours?

A stunned Ryan retorted, “No, no, I’m just a reporter.

Watch the video here:

Apparently it came as a surprise to Donald that not all black people know each other nor is Mrs. Ryan his personal assistant.

What made the entire scenario even more cringeworthy was that he interaction happened immediately after Trump proclaimed aloud that he is “the least racist person” that anyone will ever meet.

At this point Trump's disturbing lack of knowledge about the CBC, the lack of initiative to meet with them and his racist tendency to lump all black people together should no longer come as a surprise.

But one would think, given all the lip service he gave to the black community, albeit mostly in order to avoid being labeled a racist by his mostly white supporters, that he would at least put forth even the most minimum of efforts.

It is now abundantly clear that he hasn't the slightest inkling of recognizing black people as individuals or listen to their voices.

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