Friday, March 31, 2017

Trump, Too Scared Of Press Questions, Runs Out Of Executive Order Signing Ceremony Before Signing The Executive Orders!!!! (VIDEO)

Today Donald Trump ran out of a room where he had assembled the press to watch him sign two of his worthless executive orders rather that answer their questions.

After alerting the press to how wonderful his orders were he was suddenly so gripped by fear and then apparent cowardice that he had to flee his very own photo-op!

Here is the video of Trump's great escape...

While it is hilarious that Trump was so petrified of answering questions that he felt he must escape the room the most pathetic part is seeing VP Pence try to coax him back into the room to sigh his orders to no avail.


BUSTED! Reports Reveal That It Was Actually The White House That Gave Intel Committee Chair Nunes Access To "Secret" Reports

Remember last week when House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes had mysteriously gained access to intelligence reports that he claimed showed that Donald Trump and his associates were surveilled by certain government agencies.

Remember how Nunes did not one but two breathless news conferences claiming that the reports he had gained access to through what was referred to as a “whistleblower-type person" proved that Trump's "wiretapping" tweets were now somehow justified.

Then after Nunes told reporters that Donald Trump and his team had been surveilled in some capacity he marched right into the White House like a good boy and told Trump about the wonderful exculpatory info he had stumbled across thanks to his unnamed sources.

Nunes then, just for good measure, vowed to “never” reveal where he got his information, not even to other members of the House Intelligence Committee. So there!

Yeah, about that.

After a week of both the Trump administration and Nunes' denial that anyone from the White House provided the chairman with the surveillance info it turns out that the aforementioned “whistleblower-type person" was in actuality three guys who work in the White House for Donald Trump.

Go figure.

The New York Times reported today that least two White House officials were involved in giving Nunes access to intelligence reports and later in the day the Washington Post reported that there was a third White House official involved in the exchanges.

The New York Times, citing several current American officials, named Ezra Cohen-Watnick, the senior director for intelligence at the National Security Council, and Michael Ellis, a lawyer who previously worked with Nunes on the House Intelligence Committee but joined the Trump administration as an attorney.

The Washington Post reported the two the NYT's had named and in addition a third man identified as John Eisenberg, the top lawyer for the National Security Council and the man whom Michael Ellis reports to.

The paper's conclusions would make sense since only a select number of people would have been able to log on to the computer at the White House secure room and even fewer would have access to reports drawing on NSA intercepts that included "incidental collection" of Americans.

Unsurprisingly White House Press Secretary Sean "alternative facts" Spicer dismissed questions about the New York Times report, saying the press is assuming the reports are correct. When asked if Donald Trump had been the one who instructed the White House staffers to find proof of his wiretapping Spicer claimed he was...

"not aware of anything directly

After the sources were named, as if magically on cue, the White House sent a letter to ranking members on the House and Senate intelligence committees that they would be able to view the materials that were previously denied to the members of Congress saying the documents were now deemed...

"necessary to determine whether information collected on U.S. persons was mishandled and leaked."

The White House would not confirm that the information that would be shared with the House and Senate intelligence committees was what Nunes was ranting about last week.

And so it continues.

STUNNER! Gen. Mike Flynn Says He's Willing Flip On Trump In Return For Immunity (Lawyer's Letter)

The Wall Street Journal reported today that former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn has notified the Senate Intelligence Committee he would be willing to be interviewed about the Trump campaign's possible ties to Russia in return for immunity from prosecution.

Flynn apparently alerted the FBI and Congress that he was willing to be interviewed in exchange for a grant of immunity by way of a letter from his lawyer Robert Kelner.

Kelner tweeted the full statement at 4:25pm today which began...

"General Flynn certainly has a story to tell, and he very much wants to tell it."

He then confirmed that discussions had taken place with the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, however, that "out of respect" for the committees, he and his client would not be commenting on the details of their discussions with the committees.

Kelner then accused the media of being...

"awash with unfounded allegations, outrageous claims of treason, and vicious innuendo. No reasonable person, who has the benefit of advice from counsel, would submit to questioning in such a highly politicized, witch hunt environment without assurance against unfair prosecution."

Here is the full statement attached to the tweet...

Click image for a larger view

This development brings back memories of Flynn's actions and statements while he was campaigning for then candidate Donald Trump.

There was of course the Republican National Convention where Flynn led those in attendance in a "Lock her up, lock her up" chant...

And then in September, Flynn told Chuck Todd on Meet the Press, while discussing aides to Hillary Clinton "When you are given immunity that means you've probably committed a crime."...

Perhaps in hindsight Flynn might now be wishing he had kept his mouth shut.

Flynn is a retired Lt. Gen. who headed the Defense Intelligence Agency before being thrown out by the Obama administration for his inability to work with others. He advised the Trump campaign and served as President Trump's national security advisor for 23 days before resigning for what the Trump administration said was lying to Vice President Mike Pence about his multiple contacts with Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak both before and after the election.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Republicans In Congress Just Voted Away Your Internet Privacy. Here's Why They Did It A List Of Who And How Much They Were Paid

In his final days in office President Obama passed bill that implemented rules to prevent telecommunications and cable companies from sharing customers’ personal data without their consent or knowledge. The bill, once signed, was approved by the Federal Communications Commission.

These privacy rules were intended to give consumers extra control over their personal data when all of our devices, personal or not, seem to can be connected to the Internet.

The Republicans in the House of Representatives deemed all that information was just too good for you to keep to yourselves so they voted to repeal the Internet privacy protections.

The Senate voted along party lines to undo the rules last week.

The resolution now goes to Trump who has stated that he "strongly supports" the bills repeal.

The rules would have required Internet service providers to get your permission before collecting and sharing your web browsing history, app usage and geo-location. In other words everything from where you are to what you're looking at online.

Providers would also have been required to notify customers about the types of information collected and shared.

The reasoning the Republicans gave for killing the privacy rules was that it placed an undue burden on broadband providers and that the repeal would level the playing field for an increasingly anti-competitive market.

But rather than apply similar protections to other businesses, thus making the playing field truly level, the Republican-controlled Congress voted to scrap the rules entirely.

Democrats and privacy advocates have argued this approach effectively hands over the customer's personal information to the highest bidder as it wipes out privacy protections for consumers on the Internet.

The repeal is a big win for large providers like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T who have bet billions on content that can potentially be paired with subscriber data to build up lucrative targeted advertising businesses that compete with Google and Facebook.

These companies who stand to profit from such a ruling have paid a rather small sum for the windfall this decision will bring them by "contributing" to the campaigns of the Republicans who voted in their favor.

Here is The 265 members of Congress who sold you out to ISPs, and how much it cost to buy them compiled by "The Verge"...


Alexander, LamarRepublicanTN$86,400
Barrasso, JohnRepublicanWY$63,000
Blunt, RoyRepublicanMO$185,550
Boozman, JohnRepublicanAR$56,450
Burr, RichardRepublicanNC$58,500
Capito, ShelleyRepublicanWV$24,675
Cassidy, BillRepublicanLA$34,909
Cochran, ThadRepublicanMS$123,750
Collins, SusanRepublicanME$57,550
Corker, BobRepublicanTN$43,600
Cornyn, JohnRepublicanTX$148,800
Cotton, TomRepublicanAR$70,025
Crapo, MikeRepublicanID$11,000
Cruz, TedRepublicanTX$40,840
Daines, SteveRepublicanMT$38,700
Enzi, MikeRepublicanWY$45,100
Ernst, JoniRepublicanIA$28,200
Fischer, DebraRepublicanNE$21,850
Flake, JeffRepublicanAZ$27,955
Gardner, CoryRepublicanCO$95,023
Graham, LindseyRepublicanSC$74,522
Grassley, ChuckRepublicanIA$135,125
Hatch, OrrinRepublicanUT$106,750
Heller, DeanRepublicanNV$78,950
Hoeven, JohnRepublicanND$25,800
Inhofe, JimRepublicanOK$38,000
Johnson, RonRepublicanWI$123,652
Kennedy, JohnRepublicanLA$1,000
Lankford, JamesRepublicanOK$21,000
Lee, MikeRepublicanUT$60,913
McCain, JohnRepublicanAZ$84,125
McConnell, MitchRepublicanKY$251,110
Moran, JerryRepublicanKS$130,950
Murkowski, LisaRepublicanAK$66,250
Perdue, DavidRepublicanGA$37,000
Portman, RobRepublicanOH$89,350
Risch, JimRepublicanID$27,000
Roberts, PatRepublicanKS$100,200
Rounds, MikeRepublicanSD$40,166
Rubio, MarcoRepublicanFL$75,535
Sasse, BenjaminRepublicanNE$31,800
Scott, TimRepublicanSC$60,200
Shelby, RichardRepublicanAL$27,000
Strange, LutherRepublicanAL$0*
Sullivan, DanielRepublicanAK$10,550
Thune, JohnRepublicanSD$215,000
Tillis, ThomRepublicanNC$41,220
Toomey, PatrickRepublicanPA$143,456
Wicker, RogerRepublicanMS$151,800
Young, ToddRepublicanIN$28,670


Abraham, RalphRepublicanLA5th$5,750
Aderholt, RobertRepublicanAL4th$26,500
Allen, RickRepublicanGA12th$9,500
Amodei, MarkRepublicanNV2nd$22,000
Arrington, JodeyRepublicanTX19th$8,450
Babin, BrianRepublicanTX36th$8,000
Bacon, DonaldRepublicanNE2nd$7,000
Banks, JimRepublicanIN3rd$12,100
Barletta, LouRepublicanPA11th$14,700
Barr, AndyRepublicanKY6th$28,400
Barton, JoeRepublicanTX6th$39,750
Bergman, JackRepublicanMI1st$21,200
Biggs, AndyRepublicanAZ5th$5,000
Bilirakis, GusRepublicanFL12th$55,000
Bishop, MikeRepublicanMI8th$40,500
Bishop, RobRepublicanUT1st$5,500
Black, DianeRepublicanTN6th$27,750
Blackburn, MarshaRepublicanTN7th$84,000
Blum, RodneyRepublicanIA1st$5,500
Bost, MikeRepublicanIL12th$29,750
Brady, KevinRepublicanTX8th$20,000
Brat, DavidRepublicanVA7th$6,000
Bridenstine, JimRepublicanOK1st$1,000
Brooks, SusanRepublicanIN5th$44,300
Buchanan, VernRepublicanFL16th$18,900
Buck, KenRepublicanCO4th$15,750
Bucshon, LarryRepublicanIN8th$33,000
Budd, TheodoreRepublicanNC13th$10,000
Burgess, MichaelRepublicanTX26th$39,500
Byrne, BradleyRepublicanAL1st$17,500
Calvert, KenRepublicanCA42nd$12,000
Carter, BuddyRepublicanGA1st$12,250
Carter, JohnRepublicanTX31st$22,500
Chabot, StevenRepublicanOH1st$25,500
Chaffetz, JasonRepublicanUT3rd$38,100
Cheney, LizRepublicanWY1st$18,400
Cole, TomRepublicanOK4th$14,000
Collins, DougRepublicanGA9th$42,850
Collins, ChrisRepublicanNY27th$57,500
Comer, JamesRepublicanKY1st$14,750
Comstock, BarbaraRepublicanVA10th$56,457
Conaway, MikeRepublicanTX11th$18,500
Cook, PaulRepublicanCA8th$15,000
Costello, RyanRepublicanPA6th$38,750
Cramer, KevinRepublicanND1st$71,750
Crawford, EricRepublicanAR1st$9,000
Culberson, JohnRepublicanTX7th$8,000
Curbelo, CarlosRepublicanFL26th$45,700
Davis, RodneyRepublicanIL13th$49,000
Denham, JeffreyRepublicanCA10th$47,000
Dent, CharlesRepublicanPA15th$25,200
DeSantis, RonRepublicanFL6th$21,634
DesJarlais, ScottRepublicanTN4th$3,000
Diaz-Balart, MarioRepublicanFL25th$26,500
Donovan, DanielRepublicanNY11th$16,000
Duncan, JeffRepublicanSC3rd$12,610
Dunn, NealRepublicanFL2nd$13,750
Emmer, ThomasRepublicanMN6th$18,500
Farenthold, BlakeRepublicanTX27th$19,000
Ferguson, AndersonRepublicanGA3rd$7,000
Fitzpatrick, Brian**RepublicanPA8th$32,600
Fleischmann, ChuckRepublicanTN3rd$18,000
Flores, BillRepublicanTX17th$40,500
Fortenberry, JeffRepublicanNE1st$3,500
Foxx, VirginiaRepublicanNC5th$13,250
Franks, TrentRepublicanAZ8th$16,500
Frelinghuysen, RodneyRepublicanNJ11th$55,456
Gaetz, MattRepublicanFL1st$7,000
Gallagher, MikeRepublicanWI8th$16,019
Garrett, Tom*RepublicanVA5th$3,250
Gibbs, RobertRepublicanOH7th$8,000
Gohmert, LouieRepublicanTX1st$8,000
Goodlatte, BobRepublicanVA6th$73,950
Gosar, PaulRepublicanAZ4th$2,000
Gowdy, HaroldRepublicanSC4th$15,750
Granger, KayRepublicanTX12th$15,000
Graves, JohnRepublicanGA14th$34,000
Graves, SamRepublicanMO6th$31,000
Griffith, TimRepublicanAR2nd$16,915
Griffith, MorganRepublicanVA9th$36,500
Grothman, GlennRepublicanWI6th$10,600
Guthrie, StevenRepublicanKY2nd$81,500
Harper, GreggRepublicanMS3rd$33,800
Harriis, AndyRepublicanMD1st$3,000
Hartzler, VickiRepublicanMO4th$10,500
Hensarling, JebRepublicanTX5th$10,000
Hice, JodyRepublicanGA10th$6,000
Higgins, ClayRepublicanLA3rd$300
Holding, GeorgeRepublicanNC2nd$31,100
Hollingsworth, TreyRepublicanIN9th$10,000
Hudson, RichardRepublicanNC8th$45,400
Huizenga, BillRepublicanMI2nd$7,500
Hultgreen, RandyRepublicanIL14th$10,000
Hunter, DuncanRepublicanCA50th$19,000
Hurd, WilliamRepublicanTX23rd$63,000
Issa, DarrellRepublicanCA49th$66,275
Jenkins, LynnRepublicanKS2nd$34,750
Jenkins, EvanRepublicanWV3rd$10,000
Johnson, BillRepublicanOH6th$56,500
Johnson, SamRepublicanTX3rd$16,700
Jordan, JamesRepublicanOH4th$24,750
Joyce, DavidRepublicanOH14th$16,500
Katko, JohnRepublicanNY24th$32,250
Kelly, TrentRepublicanMS1st$3,300
Kelly, MikeRepublicanPA3rd$34,700
King, SteveRepublicanIA4th$20,500
King, PeterRepublicanNY2nd$9,000
Kinzinger, AdamRepublicanIL16th$75,250
Knight, SteveRepublicanCA25th$32,500
Kustoff, DavidRepublicanTN8th$16,300
Labrador, RaulRepublicanID1st$10,000
LaHood, DarinRepublicanIL18th$15,500
LaMalfa, DougRepublicanCA1st$5,000
Lamborn, DougRepublicanCO5th$28,400
Lance, LeonardRepublicanNJ7th$43,000
Latta, BobRepublicanOH5th$91,000
Lewis, JasonRepublicanMN2nd$10,500
LoBiondo, FrankRepublicanNJ2nd$14,500
Long, BillyRepublicanMO7th$57,250
Loudermilk, BarryRepublicanGA11th$8,000
Love, MiaRepublicanUT4th$16,500
Lucas, FrankRepublicanOK3rd$14,500
Luetkemeyer, BlaineRepublicanMO3rd$21,000
MacArthur, TomRepublicanNJ3rd$19,000
Marchant, KennyRepublicanTX24th$12,000
Marshall, RogerRepublicanKS1st$20,500
Massie, ThomasRepublicanKY4th$2,750
Mast, BrianRepublicanFL18th$10,500
McCarthy, KevinRepublicanCA23rd$99,100
McCaul, MichaelRepublicanTX10th$37,200
McHenry, PatrickRepublicanNC10th$51,000
McKinley, DavidRepublicanWV1st$24,500
McSally, MarthaRepublicanAZ2nd$40,500
Meadows, MarkRepublicanNC11th$4,000
Meehan, PatrickRepublicanPA7th$64,200
Messer, LukeRepublicanIN6th$18,750
Mitchell, Paul**RepublicanMI10th$10,000
McMorris-Rogers, Cathy**RepublicanWA5th$75,900
Moolenaar, JohnRepublicanMI4th$12,500
Mooney, AlexanderRepublicanWV2nd$6,000
Mullin, MarkwayneRepublicanOK2nd$47,250
Murphy, TimothyRepublicanPA18th$26,000
Newhouse, DanielRepublicanWA4th$10,000
Noem, KristiRepublicanSD1st$38,200
Nunes, DevinRepublicanCA22nd$37,750
Olson, PeteRepublicanTX22nd$57,500
Palazzo, StevenRepublicanMS4th$11,100
Palmer, GaryRepublicanAL6th$2,000
Paulsen, ErikRepublicanMN3rd$50,500
Pearce, SteveRepublicanNM2nd$20,400
Perry, ScottRepublicanPA4th$17,000
Poe, TedRepublicanTX2nd$23,000
Poliquin, BruceRepublicanME2nd$47,500
Posey, BillRepublicanFL8th$3,000
Ratcliffe, JohnRepublicanTX4th$24,500
Reed, ThomasRepublicanNY23rd$31,500
Renacci, JimRepublicanOH16th$48,000
Rice, HughRepublicanSC7th$18,500
Roby, MarthaRepublicanAL2nd$33,200
Roe, PhilRepublicanTN1st$500
Rogers, MikeRepublicanAL3rd$25,000
Rogers, HalRepublicanKY5th$12,500
Rohrabacher, DanaRepublicanCA48th$1,350
Rokita, ToddRepublicanIN4th$20,200
Rooney, LaurenceRepublicanFL19th$16,625
Rooney, TomRepublicanFL17th$19,000
Roskam, PeterRepublicanIL6th$33,600
Ross, DennisRepublicanFL15th$17,000
Rothfus, KeithRepublicanPA12th$30,900
Rouzer, DavidRepublicanNC7th$15,000
Royce, EdwardRepublicanCA39th$14,000
Russell, StevenRepublicanOK5th$16,450
Rutherford, JohnRepublicanFL4th$6,000
Scalise, SteveRepublicanLA1st$121,750
Schweikert, DavidRepublicanAZ6th$4,000
Scott, JamesRepublicanGA8th$6,000
Sensenbrenner, JimRepublicanWI5th$30,000
Sessions, PeteRepublicanTX32nd$40,400
Shimkus, JohnRepublicanIL15th$104,425
Shuster, BillRepublicanPA9th$35,500
Smith, JasonRepublicanMO8th$47,500
Smith, AdrianRepublicanNE3rd$28,500
Smith, ChristopherRepublicanNJ4th$6,000
Smith, LamarRepublicanTX21st$56,200
Smucker, LloydRepublicanPA16th$8,000
Stewart, ChrisRepublicanUT2nd$12,500
Stivers, SteveRepublicanOH15th$27,000
Taylor, Scott**RepublicanVA2nd$14,000
Tenney, ClaudiaRepublicanNY22nd$8,500
Thompson, GlennRepublicanPA5th$16,500
Thornberry, MacRepublicanTX13th$32,025
Tiberi, PatrickRepublicanOH12th$53,250
Tipton, ScottRepublicanCO3rd$23,500
Trott, DaveRepublicanMI11th$12,500
Turner, MikeRepublicanOH10th$6,000
Upton, FredRepublicanMI6th$108,250
Valadao, DavidRepublicanCA21st$37,400
Wagner, AnnRepublicanMO2nd$45,750
Walberg, TimothyRepublicanMI7th$38,500
Walden, GregoryRepublicanOR2nd$155,100
Walker, BradleyRepublicanNC6th$16,750
Walorski, JackieRepublicanIN2nd$21,250
Walters, MimiRepublicanCA45th$47,450
Weber, RandyRepublicanTX14th$4,000
Webster, DanielRepublicanFL11th$2,500
Wenstrup, BradRepublicanOH2nd$9,400
Westerman, BruceRepublicanAR4th$11,000
Williams, RogerRepublicanTX25th$5,500
Wilson, JoeRepublicanSC2nd$11,500
Wittman, RobRepublicanVA1st$11,050
Womack, SteveRepublicanAR3rd$15,500
Woodall, RobRepublicanGA7th$9,250
Yoho, TedRepublicanFL:3rd$4,000
Young, DonRepublicanAK1st$28,650
Young, DavidRepublicanIA3rd$41,750
*Data for this representative obtained from the Virginia Public Access Project.
**Data for this representative obtained from Open Secrets.