Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Donald Trump Says Something Stupid #72: Obsessed Trump Tweets Alternative Facts About President Obama... Again

In sports there is a term for when one player has so dominated another that it begins to effect how that one athlete plays his given sport. It is called "getting in his head". It will cause tennis players to commit unforced errors, football players to take unnecessary fouls and baseball players to swing at pitches that aren't there.

President Obama is in Donald Trump's head.

After the Saturday shit-storm of false "wiretapping" tweets, in which Trump was so unnerved that he literally misspelled the word "tap", he has now gone on to accuse the former president of releasing terrorists from Gitmo who have wound up as enemy combatants on the battlefield.

Much like the wiretapping accusations this new allegation is a lie as well.

This morning at 7:04am Donald Trump, after reading a tweet sent out by his fave “Fox & Friends” about Gitmo detainees, took to his preferred means of communications to level this alternative fact at President Obama...

Trump as usual didn't have enough intellectual curiosity or drive to research the fact of the matter which is, according to an Intelligence Community report on re-engaged detainees, that George W. Bush allowed nearly all of those releases.

According to the report 122 of the 693 former detainees who were transferred out of Gitmo Bush oversaw the release of 532 detainees, and 113 of them were confirmed to have re-engaged. Meanwhile, Obama released 161 detainees of which only nine were confirmed to have returned to the battlefield. That’s just under 6 percent of the total transferred since 2009.

Swing and a miss Donny.

But Donny wasn't done swinging.

Trump apparently felt the need to prove Obama's complete ownership of him by sending these two additional tweets out all in the same hour...

In retrospect the term"complete ownership" might be an understatement.

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