Saturday, March 18, 2017

Donald Trump's Already Historically Low Approval Rating Dips Again Amid Recent Turmoil

How low can you go?

Donald Trump's already historic low approval ratings is doing it's best impression of a limbo dancer by going lower and lower and lower.

His approval rating during the first week of March was the worst for a newly elected president in more than six decades.

Trump's battles over his Muslim ban, TrumpCare, wiretapping allegations and what is being universally reviewed as an inhumane budget proposal are not helping him.

A pair of surveys this week showed Trump's approval rating dropping once again.

The latest data from Gallup's tracking poll showed just 39 percent of Americans approved of Trump's performance in the first so far. That's down from 42 percent over last weekend. Fifty-five percent, meanwhile, disapproved of Trump's performance.

The most recent figure from Rasmussen Reports published Tuesday put Trump's approval rating among likely U.S. voters at 46 percent, down from 49 percent last week. Fifty-three percent disapproved. This poll is especially telling as Rasmussen typically finds better results for Republicans.

Gallup's data shows that the same demographic groups that voted for Trump in November, white males without a college degree, still love the job he has as done to the tune of Sixty-seven percent.

It's the rest of America that seems to have a problem with Trump.

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