Thursday, March 30, 2017

Republicans Vote To Keep Trump’s Tax Returns Secret For The Third Time

As we all know Donald Trump has refused to release his tax returns for public review despite the fact that every other president going back to "Tricky" Dick Nixon released his some 40 years ago.

Trump's bullshit excuse for the non-disclosure of his taxes is that he can’t release his returns because they’re under a “routine audit,”.

Regardless of the fact that Trump has provided zero evidence that he is under any audit the fact remains that there is no law or regulation preventing individuals from publicly disclosing their tax returns when they are.

To make sure the public never sees Trump's taxes, thus preventing us from knowing whether he is in debt to... oh let's say an unnamed foreign country which might present a conflict of interest... Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee voted down a measure offered by Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) to force Trump to release his tax returns.

Committee Republicans voted straight down the line against the measure as they argued that Democrats were only interested in politics and that Trump’s returns would contain nothing of interest.

This is the third time Republicans have blocked the release of Trump's taxes.

In addition to once again deep sixing the release of Trump’s tax returns Republicans also voted to block a measure in the House Judiciary Committee requiring the Department of Justice to inform the committee about its investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to the Russian government.


With these moves the Republicans could not make it any clearer that if Trump's taxes were released it would without a doubt show him to be compromised by his dealings with Russia.

FACT CHECK: The majority (61%) of Americans want Trump to release his tax returns, as every other president has done in the modern era.

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