Saturday, March 4, 2017

"Simply False!" Obama Shoots Down Trump's Fever Dream Of Wire Tapping (STATEMENT)

Hours after President Trump tweeted allegations claiming President Obama ordered a "Nixon/Watergate" style tap phones in Trump Tower prior to the 2016 presidential election Kevin Lewis, a spokesman for President Barack Obama, called President Donald Trump's wiretapping allegations "simply false". He went on to state that no Obama administration official interfered in Justice Department investigations or ordered surveillance on any American, much less President Trump.

Here is Lewis' released statement in full...

Click image for larger view

This leaves the general public with a few options in this case....

President Obama is lying and did order wire taps in Trump Tower. 
Donald Trump is 1) trying to distract from his Russia troubles, 2) projecting guilt and paranoia over dealings with Russia he had in Trump Tower or 3) is batshit crazy.

Oh, another option for Trump is all of the above.

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