Saturday, March 18, 2017

Trump Disrespects Germany’s Angela Merkel By Refusing To Shake Hand Or Make Eye Contact With Her (VIDEO)

Today Donald Trump met with Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel for the first time.

Merkel who came to Washington to discuss issues related to both Germany and the U.S. including trade, immigration and the future of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Her visit will instead be remembered for Trump refusing to shake her hand or look her in the eye.

After their meeting the two did a photo op in front of a press gaggle in the Oval Office. The media waited to photograph the two shaking hands as has been tradition for decades.

One member of the press even asked out loud...

Can we get a handshake?” 

It was at that point that Merkel turned to Trump and said...

"Do you want a handshake?"

As Merkel looked in Trump’s direction Trump did not acknowledge her or her question or even look at her.

Merkel, clearly embarrassed and uncomfortable by Trump's rude and ungentlemanly behavior, turned back to the gaggle of cameras and flashed an forced smile.

Here is the video of Trump disrespecting the German Chancellor...

They did shake hands earlier when Merkel first arrived at the White House but Trump damn well made sure he disrespected the German Chancellor when it counted.

Trump has repeatedly attacked Merkel over the issue of immigration accusing her of "ruining her country" and describing Germany’s decision to accept Syrian refugees as “a catastrophic mistake.

Merkel in the past has denounced many of Trump’s policy proposals including his travel ban/Muslim ban on several Muslim-majority countries.

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