Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Trump Signs Executive Order Dismantling President Obama's Environmental Regulations

Today Donald Trump signed an executive order which will begin the process of dismantling President Obama’s 2013 Climate Action Plan and his 2015 Clean Power Plan both of which implemented environmental regulations in order to fight climate change.

Without irony Trump had the gall to sign his "Energy Independence" executive order at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

It's like eating a steak in front of a cow.

Trump then hailed his new plan as..

the start of a new era in American energy production

Here are just a few of the safeguards Mr. Trump’s executive order directs the EPA to do to away with to usher in the "new era"...

• It rescinds the aforementioned Clean Power Plan which limits carbon emissions at coal-fired power plants

• It suspends the moratorium on federal coal leasing

• It rescinds restrictions on hydraulic fracking

• It eliminates the National Environmental Policy Act (a set of guidelines for agencies to consider climate change into their decision making process)

• It rolling back the federal regulation of methane emissions from the oil and gas industry

• It mandates that every agency conduct a 180-day review that identifies all regulations and rules that “impede” energy production. 

Mr. Trump plans to use the reports to craft his administration’s “America First” energy blueprint to serve what the administration calls the “twin goal” of protecting the environment and  strengthening the economy by promoting energy production.

Mr. Trump declared...

My administration is putting an end to the war on coal -- going to have clean coal, really clean coal,” and that it would “reverse government intrusion” and “cancel job-killing regulations.” 

Critics argue that Mr. Trump’s anti-climate change initiatives that resist transitioning from coal and gas to clean energy will in fact hurt the economy.

It would in essence be the equivalent of expanding the calvary to try and stop Russia from hacking our elections. The technology is misguided, outdated and inefficient at best.

Michael Brune, the executive director of the Sierra Club, wrote in a statement...

The best way to protect workers and the environment is to invest in growing the clean energy economy that is already outpacing fossil fuels, and ensuring no one is left behind. At a time when we can declare independence from dirty fuels by embracing clean energy, this action could only deepen our dependence on fuels that pollute our air, water and climate while making our kids sicker.

An added bonus for Trump's transgression against the environment is that it also hamstrings the U.S.'s participation in the Paris Agreement jeopardizing the very future of the deal itself. The 2015 accord set out global emissions targets below what’s required to prevent world temperatures from surpassing the 3.6-degree Fahrenheit increase that scientists insist will irreversibly damage human civilization.

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