Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Hypocrite Trump Decides To Keep White House Visitor Logs A Secret (TWEETS)

The Trump administration has officially stated that it will not be releasing logs of White House visitors. This is a break with a precedent set by the Obama administration making the Trump administration the least transparent in recent memory.

Their decision comes on the heels of being sued by several watchdog groups seeking access to the records, which unsurprisingly have not been released since Trump took office

According to White House Communications Director Michael Dubke the decision was made in light of the...

"grave national security risks and privacy concerns of the hundreds of thousands of visitors annually,"

Despite the groups insistence that the records are the property of the Secret Service, making them subject to the Freedom of Information Act Dubke addressed their point simply stating that the logs will not be subject to FOIA requests.

It's guaranteed the courts will have a say in the matter before it is all said and done.

Trump's decision reverses an Obama-era policy that disclosed more than 6 million records which are still accessible online.

Of course as with the majority of the things Trump does he once again has proven himself to be an enormous hypocrite as when he was only a candidate he railed against President Obama calling on him to release the White House visitor logs.

Here are a few choice tweets from Trumps past that have not aged well...

"He ran on transparency"... This coming from the "drain the swamp" candidate.

But what would you expect from a con-man, tax dodging, grifter who has ties to the moblaunders money for the Russians, stiffs the people who work for him and brags about sexually assaulting women?

In related news Democrats in Congress have introduced legislation that would require the Trump administration to maintain and disclose the names of visitors at places aside the White House where he conducts business, encompassing any and all Trump branded properties including his private Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida.

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