Saturday, April 8, 2017

Is The Bromance Over? Russia Sends Warships Towards US Navy After Syrian Bombing

Tonight Russia has deployed its most advanced Black Sea frigate into the eastern Mediterranean.

The reason for concern is that this is where U.S. Navy destroyers, the USS Porter and USS Ross, remain after launching their airstrike earlier against the Moscow-backed Syrian military.

This action is being taken as Russian leadership condemned the U.S.' first intentional attack on the Syrian military by the US which Russian President Vladimir Putin has described as...

"a significant blow to Russian-American relations"

Russia's Admiral Grigorovich frigate reportedly left its port of Sevastopol, Crimea, and headed toward the Americans ships. The ship's movement was also confirmed by Turkish ship spotter Yoruk Isik, who told the U.S. Naval Institute's news agency that the ship had crossed the Bosphorus Strait only nine days after docking from a previous Mediterranean voyage.

Moscow has said it would take "a complex of measures" to protect Syrian troops from further U.S. action.

Russia's 4,000-ton warship is presently equipped with Kalibr cruise missiles, one of Moscow's latest and most deadly high-tech projectiles, and was  headed to dock in the Syrian city of Tartus, according to Russia's official TASS News Agency.

This provocative action by the Russian military comes on the heels of the countries defense ministry voiding an air defense deal between the U.S. and Russian military in Syria as the two powers hold parallel campaigns against ISIS, and other jihadist groups. This means that the operations conducted by the U.S. and Russia, which frequently bring their respective forces near one another, now has no system in place to prevent potential clashes.

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