Friday, April 21, 2017

SIZE MATTERS: President Obama Beats Trump Again! Super Bowl Champions Don't Show Up For Trump. SAD! (PICTURES)

This week the New England Patriots visited the White House to celebrate their Super Bowl win alongside Donald Trump.

This, by the way, is an annual tradition for the winner of the NFL championship.

Thirty-four Patriots players, plus several staff members and the team's head coach Bill Belichick, attended the ceremony.

The problem.

The team’s full roster includes sixty-eight players, which means half of the squad skipped the celebration with many of the players citing politics for their absences.

The team's turnout for the event was visibly lower than for a previous Patriots visit from their 2015 Super Bowl win which was celebrated in the same fashion.

Here is the 2015 photo shows about 120 people, including players and staff, standing behind former President Barack Obama...

Click image for larger view

On Wednesday, there were barely more than 50 people alongside Trump...

Click image for larger view

The Patriots strongly refuted the 2015 photograph versus the 2017 photograph, saying the comparisons “lack context.” claiming the 2015 photo included more staff members who were allegedly seated on the lawn this year for some reason.

One would have to question the teams explanation given Donald Trump's near rabid attention to crowd size. Who among us believes he would have allowed there to be fewer players surrounding him compared to President Obama unless they just weren't there to begin with.

Either way it's got to be killing Trump given the crowd size inauguration day drubbing President Obama handed him...

Notably absent Wednesday was Patriots quarterback and Trump bestie Tom Brady, who canceled at the last minute, citing “personal family matters.

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