Monday, April 17, 2017

Trump Calls for Investigation Into "Tax Day" Marches After Thousands Protest (TWEETS)

Yesterday thousands of Americans in over one hundred cities took to the streets for the "Tax Day" protest.

The march was organized to show displeasure at Donald Trump's refusal to release his tax returns. The tradition of a major parties candidate releasing their taxes dates back as far as 40 years with President Nixon starting the trend.

The importance of a presidential candidate releasing their taxes is enormous as it would show whether he or she had improper financial connections, if they are in any way profiting off of the presidency or if they have foreign financial ties leaving them beholden to another countries interests.

When it comes to Trump all of these options seem quite likely.

Then there is the fact that Trump will be making tax policy and we, at this point, have no way of knowing if how what he enacts would impact his personal finances.

As the marches number grew Trump did not see concerned Americans utilizing their first amendment rights to voice their dismay over what financial entanglements may lurk in his tax filings. Instead the egomaniacal man-baby saw a chance to lie, distract and minimize the protests.

He did so unsurprisingly in a series of semi-coherent tweets on Easter morning...

Trump lazily fell back on the debunked meme of paid protesters to dismiss the marches. This is a tactic both Trump and right-wing media used to explain away the massive protest that have occurred before and after Trump's inauguration.

Despite the fact that polling shows one in three Americans wants Trump to release his tax returns he still refuses continuing to claim he is being audited.

Meanwhile Republicans continue to block Democrats’ efforts to get the House Ways and Means Committee to act as it has the legal authority to obtain confidential tax records, and could vote to make them public.

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