Tuesday, April 4, 2017

UNMASKING: Trump Floats Yet Another Lie To Take Heat Off His Russia Ties And False Wiretapping Claim (TWEETS)

In an attempt to distract and misdirect from his current multitude of failures, scandals and embarrassments Donald Trump floated another diversion aided by Fox News and the right wing media.

With the whole administration reeling after their Devin Nunes disaster Trump and the right wing media echo chamber are seizing on an anonymously sourced report that Susan Rice requested the identity of anonymous people named in intelligence reports.

Trump and the gang are claiming that the actions of Rice provides evidence for Trump’s false claim that Trump Tower was wiretapped.

The added bonus is that President Obama's former National Security Advisor Susan Rice is already considered a left wing villain due to her role in the Benghazi "scandal" when she went on the Sunday shows and said that the tragedy was caused by an anti-Islam internet video.

FACT CHECK: Rice was correct. After capturing the mastermind behind the attack he said he used the video as a reason for attacking the consulate in Benghazi.

The problem for Trump and his misinformation dissemination crew is that even if the Susan Rice "unmasking" story is one hundred percent accurate there is nothing illegal or underhanded about it. It was her job! If it comes to light that people are talking to Russians about sanctions you can be damn sure the National Security Advisor is going to find out who is on the other end of that call. The process of revealing the names of people who have been “incidentally collected” is routine, lawful and necessary.

Plus the report shows that Rice unmasked the names after the election.

Despite the fact that the report does not reveal any illegal activity or violation of privacy laws nor does it provide any support for Donald Trump’s lie that the Obama administration’s surveillance targeted Trump officials the wing-nuts and ditto heads are off to the races.

Here's how it played out...

The story of Susan Rice’s involvement in the unmasking was first reported by far-right extremist, white nationalist, misogynist, and Pizzagate conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich, who published a story over the weekend alleging that the mainstream media has been attempting to cover up the revelation.

Less than 24 hours later, Bloomberg News published Eli Lake's report on Rice’s activity.

Within hours, headlines highlighting Rice’s involvement appeared across the conservative internet on sites including Breitbart News, the Daily Caller, the Washington Times, the New York Post, and Gateway Pundit and the Washington Examiner.

The story then slimed it's way up the food chain to Fox News. After that it was only a matter of time before Donald Trump sniffed out the turd of a story and did what he does and tweeted these two 144 character brain farts...

Now let's return to reality and look from a sane person's vantage point and access what the Trumper's are hyperventilating about.

What Is Unmasking?

Conversations by foreign government officials are routinely surveilled, and those speaking with ambassadors should expect that their conversations may be wiretapped.

The names of unidentified Americans who are picked up in these wiretaps are masked in intelligence reports to protect the identity of American citizens. When someone with credentials to request the classified information asks for the names to be revealed solely to them, the process is known as "unmasking".

The unmasking of unidentified Americans in intelligence reports is within the scope of the job of a national security advisor like Rice. The action of unmasking an individual is legal and in all likelihood did not even raise privacy concerns.

When an American’s identity in a classified intelligence report is unmasked, only those who have a security clearance and the authority to view the classified information may see the unmasked report and he information may not be shared with individual members of Congress, let alone outside the government.

And there you have it.

Given this information we are back at square one. Trump was not wiretapped, Devin Nunes colluded with the White House, the investigations into this administrations collusion with Russia to undermine our elections has ground to a halt and we are sill in the middle of the never-ending bizzaro world with no end in sight.

What remains of this non-story is to see how long Trump and his propaganda machine will flog this dead horse.

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