Saturday, April 1, 2017

Trump Gets Mocked On Two Magazine Covers For Golfing While Washington Burns (COVERS)

As he have become all too painfully aware Donald Trump views his time in the White House as a annoyance in between times he can get away to one of his properties to eat, sleep and golf. All of these activities are, of course, paid in full to his personal bank account by us, the taxpayers.

What has become especially noticeable is Trump’s penchant for playing a seemingly endless amount of golf. This has become a point of contention given Trump’s constant criticisms of President Obama's trips to the links during his administration.

This week two major magazines have teed off on Trump's habit of slacking off on his courses.

Both The New Yorker and The Economist have covered Trump's first two months in office with golf themed covers as he has visited one of his golf courses thirteen times (that we know of) in his first 70 days in office.

Here’s The New Yorker‘s cover treatment of Trump...

“Broken Windows,” by Barry Blitt

And here’s The Economist‘s take on Trump...

 Trump has visited one of his golf courses almost every weekend of his presidency. On several occasions, he’s been out on the links both Saturday and Sunday. Through the first 70 days of his administration, Trump played golf at least once every seven days.

Just for the sake of pointing out the elephant sized hypocrisy here is a compilation of the disparaging tweets Donald shot off at President Obama over the years...


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