Friday, April 14, 2017

Trump Signs Anti-Planned Parenthood Law That Will Strip Reproductive Health Care To Low-Income And Rural Women And Men

If there's one thing Donald Trump likes to do in public it's sign stuff.

Shirt, hats, photos of himself, money, babies, women's chests, you name it, he'll sign it.

But if there is one thing he likes singing best, in front of the press, live, on camera, it's got to be bills.

He likes to sign 'em and then show 'em off like a third grader waving a brand new smeared finger painting he considers to be his best yet!

So one must wonder why Donald Trump just signed a bill in private, with no press, no audience, and no camera's rolling to capture him putting his fabulous signature on one of his awesome new bills.

It's because it's a bill that he knows nobody but his crazy religious right wing republican base wants signed.

It's because it's an anti-planned parenthood bill that will cut off vital life saving medical care to those poorest among us who need their services the most.

It's because it's a bill that would allow states to withhold federal money for family planning services from Planned Parenthood clinics and other women’s health centers.

It's because it's a bill that would repeal a regulation that said states couldn’t withhold Title X funding, which covers family planning and preventative care, from organizations just because those organizations also provide abortion care.

It's because it's a bill that would roll back the reproductive health care of four million low income people who rely on Title X funded clinics for those services.

It's because it's a bill that would open the door for states to restrict these people from choosing certain health care providers — which may be, in many cases, the only health care provider nearby or that they can afford.

While the bill Trump signed does not defund Planned Parenthood and other such clinics directly, it is part of a wider Republican attack on the women’s health providers which would likely encourage further efforts by GOP controlled states to cut federal funding off from these organizations.

The stupidity of this move is overwhelming because since 1976 using federal funds for abortion care was already legally prohibited due to the Hyde Amendment.

Planned Parenthood and women’s health centers only get federal funding -- through programs like Title X and Medicaid -- to cover STD testing, cancer screenings, birth control access, pap smears and other health needs for people who wouldn’t be able to afford them elsewhere.

So in reality, federally defunding Planned Parenthood would only result in preventing low-income Americans from accessing the clinics aforementioned reproductive health care services, not their abortion services.

So while these anti-Planned Parenthood politicians argue that these low-income and rural women and men can go elsewhere for their care experts point out that if Planned Parenthood clinics are shut down there simply won't be enough clinics to meet these American's health care needs.

But what the hell... the bill needed signing and Trump just loves signing shit right?

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