Monday, May 1, 2017

Fox News Just Posted A Graphic So Insanely Dishonest It's Almost Funny

Fox News just put out a three "news" graphics on Twitter that are so comically misleading and so hilariously dishonest I don't even know whether someone could get mad over them.

The network tweeted the last three Presidents economic growth and job numbers after their first 100 days in office and compared it to Donald Trump's efforts thus far...

The graphics, of course, did not take into account that President Obama was elected during the horrific recession of 2009.

What's even more inept is that if the information contained in the graphics was given just that slightest bit of context it would show that Democratic presidents inherited economic disasters and have left the economy in much better shape for the Republicans who came after them.

The disservice Fox news does to it's viewers is reprehensible. Their viewers live in a world of "alternate facts" that ultimately do a serious disservice to them. If the only news you took in was from this outfit how could you possibly make an educated political decision let alone cast a vote with the knowledge that you truly understand the candidate and his positions on any given subject or policy.

Either way someone on the internets redid the graphic under the title: Fixed It For You...

Yeah, that's better.

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