Monday, June 5, 2017

Grotesque Trump Immediately Politicized The London Terror Attacks To Push His Muslim Ban

The smarmy grotesque pig just couldn't contain himself

London was rocked by terror attacks that killed seven people and wounded dozens on Saturday night.

When Trump woke up on Sunday he could hardly wait to start flogging the tragedy.

Before even sending his condolences Trump immediately retweeted a headline from the right wing dung heap Drudge Report even though the information was unconfirmed at the time...

Then Trump set out to use the death and destruction to push his repugnant Muslim ban.

Despite the fact that the attack didn't occur in the United States, despite the fact that those that carried out the attacks were not immigrants to London Trump tweeted...

Waiting a whole 2 minutes he then tweeted...

Trump is a ghoul and an imbecile.

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