Sunday, August 27, 2017

New Bill Would Compel Donald Trump To Immediately Undergo Physical And Mental Health Evaluations

A new resolution has been introduced in the House of Representatives would encourage the vice president and the Cabinet to compel Donald Trump undergo physical and psychological health exams to determine if he is of sound mind and body and able to serve out the remainder of his term.

But after Donald Trump's performance over his first seven months in office combined with his white supremacist and nazi appeasement involving the violence and murder in the Charlottesville hate rally and his off the rails Phoenix rally this move shouldn't be all that surprising.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) introduced the resolution on Friday.

Should the results of said exam be unfavorable, the resolution calls for Vice President Mike Pence and members of the Cabinet to take prudent acton and immediately remove Trump from office.

The recommended action would involve invoking the 25th Amendment, a constitutional provision that allows the vice president and a majority of Cabinet members to jointly remove the president from office and replace him with the vice president.

In a statement announcing the resolution, Lofgren asked if the president suffers...

from early stage dementia. Has emotional disorder so impaired the President that he is unable to discharge his duties. Is the President mentally and emotionally stable?

Lofgren also pointed out that Trump has not yet released a “serious” medical evaluation to the public which is why Lofgren is calling for Pence and other Cabinet members to...

quickly secure ... medical and psychiatric professionals” to evaluate Trump, adding “If it was a physical ailment, you would be getting the advice of doctors. The same thing should be true to take a look at his stability here.

Here is the bill in it's entirety...

Click image to enlarge

Lofgren, who is not a professional psychiatrist or psychologist, doesn’t expect the resolution to pass but hopes “it will stimulate conversation,” around the subject adding that Trump would get the evaluation if “he cares about the country.

This is not the first time the 25th Amendment has been taken up by the congress as in June, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) led 25 House Democrats to co-sign a bill that would create a congressional commission able to oust Trump from the Oval Office under the amendment.

The media has also weighed in on the matter of exploring the execution of the 25th Amendment with articles and op-eds in the Washington Post, Rolling Stone, New York Times and Time Magazine.

In addition the hashtag #25thAmendment began trending on Twitter and seeing as how this is Trump's favorite form of communication perhaps he will run across it and volunteer for the exams of his own volition.

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