Thursday, August 17, 2017

PIGS BLOOD & BULLETS: Trump Rehashes Debunked Anti-Islam Trope After Barcalona Attack (TWEETS)

After the terror attack in Barcelona, Spaint today that killed 13 and injured another 100 Donald Trump sent out an appropriately toned tweet...

FACT CHECK: It only took Trump 2 hours to condemn this attack whereas it took him two days to condemn the white supremacists violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

This attempt at dignity and kindness was all apparently too much for Trump to handle. So with an additional tweet, posted only 45 minutes later, Trump washed away any semblance of self-respect by reviving a hateful and apocryphal anti-Islam myth...

The long debunked myth of General Pershing has been floating around for almost a century and is often employed by those who hate the Islamic religion to show their disdain Muslims by mocking their dietary habits.

The story goes that Pershing, apparently after an attack by Muslims, dipped bullets in pig's blood. He then rounded up 50 Muslims and shot 49 of them telling the lone survivor to go back to his people and tell them what happened which apparently stopped all "radical Islamic terrorism" for the next thirty-five years.

The real story is in fact the exact opposite as General Pershing knew the risks of inciting his opposition by such an inflammatory and disgusting tactic instead chose to wait out his opposition until they surrendered taking as few casualties and killing as few combatants as possible.

In fact General Pershing never executed a single Muslim.

This however did not stop Trump from telling his pig blood dipped bullet story on the campaign trail to jin up his racist and bigoted base.

Here is a video of him whipping up his Islamophobic supporters into a frenzy with the story...

Apparently after siding with white supremacist, nazis, the KKK whom committed vicious attacks and murder in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend Trump is still determined to prove his racist bona fides to them.

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