Wednesday, August 30, 2017

"WHAT A CROWD, WHAT A TURNOUT!" Trump Visits Flood Ravaged Texas And Makes It All About Himself, His Crowd Size And Selling His Campaign Merchandise

He never met with a single victim of the storm.

He never mentioned any of the deceased.

He never visited a destroyed home or businesses.

He did however praise his crowd size and hock his campaign merchandise that he sells on his website.

Trump arrived in Corpus Christi wearing the white “45/USA” hat that’s available for $40 on his own website. Today's appearance of the merch marks the third time in four days that Trump has modeled one of his on-sale campaign swag during events related to Harvey, including two previous meetings for which the White House released official photographs...

And in case you were wondering...

"all transactions made on are considered a donation to the Trump Make America Great Again Committee"

In other words your paying for the entire Trump families lawyer's bill. (*Not a joke)

FACT CHECK: David Fahrenthold of the Washington Post asked if either the Trump Organization or the Trump campaign had donated to relief fund but has received no response yet.

Once on the ground Trump went to a local firehouse where he held a news conference with Governor Greg Abbott in which he praised his FEMA director Brock Long as "a man who's become very famous" as a result of disaster that as of tonight has taken fourteen lives including that of a police officer who drowned in his vehicle when it was washed away by flood waters.

To conclude his photo-op Trump started to congratulate himself and the Governor but stopped saying instead...

We won’t say ‘congratulations.’ We don’t want to do that. We don’t want to congratulate, we’ll congratulate each other when it’s all finished.

But Trump wasn't finished.

He then addressed the people gathered around the firehouse from a ladder between fire trucks. He first commented on the the hurricane as "historic" and "epic"  because a storm on his watch has to be the hugest and best storm ever in the history of storms.

Check out his tweets if you really want to know about how amazing this storm is!...

So much better than those looser storms Katrina and Sandy!

Trump then proceeded to praise the size of the crowd who had come to see him saying...

"What a Crowd! What a Turnout!"

Watch here...

Melania Trump also received some well deserved blowback for the “Top Gun” outfit she wore to visit the disaster site which consisted of a pair of black stilettos and a black “FLOTUS” baseball hat that prompted many Twitter users to deem her “out of touch,”.

It's already a meme...

Her FLOTUS hat however is not currently for sale on the family website.

Trump cannot be blamed for his lack of empathy for people in distress. He is a sociopathic narcissist and is incapable of caring for anyone beyond himself or anything that doesn't directly effect him personally.

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