Thursday, November 30, 2017

CLASSY: Trump Bragged About Getting "First-Rate P***y" During An Interview With A Golf Magazine

The Daily Beast has reported that during an interview with the now-defunct Maximum Golf magazine Donald Trump told a reporter who was writing a piece on him and his Mar-a-Lago club that...

there is nothing in the world like first-rate pussy.

The remark, which was made as Trump leered at a young woman at his golf club at Mar-a-Lago, was heard and documented by Michael Corcoran while he shadowed Trump in 2000 for a feature story.

According to the article, while at dinner, Trump was scanning the other diners on the veranda when a “young socialite” passed by inspiring the low class remark.

As a result Corcoran used the quote as the last line in his piece but says it was changed by the editor in chief, who swapped out the word "pussy," with the word “talent,”.

Joe Bargmann, Corcoran’s editor at Maximum Golf, confirmed Corcoran’s account saying...

I was asked to change the last word of the story from ‘pussy.’ When I refused, my top editor changed the quote,

As we know the word “pussy” is not uncommon in Trump’s vocabulary as shown in the “Access Hollywood” tape where Trump is heard boasting about being able to grab women “by the pussy,”.

Trump has recently tried to deny that the voice on the “Access Hollywood” tape was his, despite the fact that he publicly acknowledging it's authenticity.

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