Wednesday, November 15, 2017

CLUELESS: Trump's Multi-Millionaire Treasury Secretary And His Socialite Wife Strike A Ridiculous Pose With Sheets Of Cash (6 PHOTOS)

Yes, Steve is really holding out his pinky while displaying his sheet of money.

Today Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and his socialite wife Louise Linton made a mockery of what had to be one of the most mundane photo-ops in political history.

While it is usually customary for a treasury secretary to have their photo taken with the first $1 bills bearing their signatures Mnuchin and Linton, who have been criticized for being out of touch with the average American and misusing taxpayers’ money, may have made this the most unfortunate, tone deaf instance of that duty.

Just to give a little more flavor to the event here are a few extra photos of the two imbeciles...

Mnuchin and his wife became famous for the other equally clueless instragram photo of the two Linton posted exiting their taxpayer funded Air Force jet while hastagging her extravagantly expensive fashion accessories.

Here is that photo...

Thee photo was taken down after commenters began bombarding it with negative remarks and Linton lashed out at the them.

Mnuchin commander fire for using taxpayer money to charter private planes for seven official trips but was ultimately cleared of any illegal spending after reimbursing the government.

Nothing but class these two.

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