Saturday, November 25, 2017

Trump Claims He Refused TIME Magazine's Offer To Be Their "Person Of The Year" Because That Is So Like Trump Isn't It?

In a sad attempt to stay in the headlines or just be a general human troll Donald Trump has insisted that he rejected an official offer to be Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year.”

Via Twitter, Trump claimed the magazine had told him he would “probably” be selected as Person of the Year.

According to Trump when the magazine called to say he was going to be named ‘Person of the Year,’ he decided to take a pass on the offer because of course he did.

Here is Trump's tweet...

The tweet once again puts on display Trump's fragile ego and bizarre obsession with the magazine as Time magazine tweeted that Trump was “incorrect" about being chosen "Person of the Year" as the magazine does not comment on their pick until the December 6th publication date...

In reality, which doesn't exist for Trump, the magazine’s editors are the ones who select the Person of the Year

The publication does however offer a poll where readers can vote for their pick.

As of Friday, Trump only had 5 percent of the vote in that poll trailing Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman who commanded 20 percent of the polling....

*Please note that NFL kneeler Colin Kaepernick is only one percent behind Trump in the voting!

Trump's fake TIME magazine cover

The tweet brings to mind the June Washington Post story that reported several of Trump’s clubs display what appears to be a cover from a 2009 issue of Time with Trump himself on the front. The image, however, is a fake as no such issue of the magazine exists.

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