Friday, December 8, 2017

#DentureDonald! A Slurring Mush-Mouthed Donald Trump Causes Concerns And Speculation (UPDATED)

Those who watched Donald Trump's speech recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and plans to move the U.S. Embassy located there noticed that he began slurring his words during the address, particularly at the very end.

If you have a minute thirty and a strong stomach you can watch it here...

Trump's slurring and general difficulty speaking throughout the speech caused health concerns with speculations ranging from drug intoxication all the way to mini-stroke.

Trump's reported steady intake of MacDonalds and KFC compounded with his stated aversion to exercise it is understandable why some might worry about the 71 year old's health.

The final conclusion was that Trump’s dentures were slipping out of his mouth thus causing the change in speech pattern.

Many amateur dentists around the interwebs hypothesized that slippage appeared to indicate a sliding lower plate, which led many to wonder why he chose to wear dentures instead of opting for more permanent and convenient dental implants.

Some speculated that Trump had lost his teeth due to his repeated replacement of his dental veneers with he reportedly did every few month which will destroy your natural teeth over a short period of time.

The matter went mostly unnoticed until Trevor Noah, of "The Daily Show", chided Trump over his denture mishap during the Jerusalem address...

Think about it; fake teeth, fake hair, fake tan, like there’s no part of his body that’s real!

Noah then implored his audience not to start tweeting "#DentureDonald” saying...

Don’t do it, guys. He’s very shenshitive.

#DentureDonald of course trended on Twitter later that night.

The day after the incident Press secretary Sarah Sanders addressed the matter at the end of her daily briefing following a host of stories about Trump’s garbled pronunciations on Wednesday as he read a statement off a teleprompter...

Pretty ridiculous questions. The president’s throat was dry, nothing more than that.

Ridiculous or not the White House announced on Thursday Donald Trump will get a physical exam at Walter Reed Army Hospital.

The karma is especially strong here as Trump regularly ridiculed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton over health concerns during the 2016 campaign, repeatedly questioning her stamina and strength... But never her teeth.

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