Saturday, December 2, 2017

OOPS! Idiot Trump Mistakenly Tweets The Truth That He Knew Flynn Had Lied To The FBI When He Fired Him!

On Friday it was reported that Trump's former national security aide Michael Flynn was working with prosecutors on the Russia investigation.

On Saturday Trump tweeted that he fired Flynn because he lied to both the Vice President and the FBI, a statement that some observers claim shows that Trump tried to obstruct justice...

In any event this moronic tweet from Trump has some critics pointing out that the post implies he knew Flynn had lied to the FBI when he fired him — and before he reportedly asked former FBI Director James Comey to go easy on Flynn!!!

This leads to a few questions.

If true why did Trump so long to fire Flynn?

Why did Trump fail to fire Flynn until his lies were publicly exposed?

Why did Trump pressure Director Comey to let the Flynn prosecution go if he knew about Flynn's lies?

Jim Dowd take the hit like a good soldier

In a panic, after realizing he had mistakenly told the truth, Trump decided to throw one of his personal lawyers, Jim Dowd, under the bus. He proceeded to make Dowd take responsibility for "crafting" the offending tweet and then apologize to White House officials saying...

"he should have been more careful with his language"

Trump took to Twitter again late Saturday to throw some much needed misdirection to his supporters to latch onto blaming none other than Hillary Clinton for her alleged misdeeds....

Donald then added...

Nice try but Donny but you can't untweet that first one... and it was a doozy!

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